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The Man Who Fell to Earth (18)


Screening as part of ISOLATION CHAMBER VACATION at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery.
Isolation Chamber Vacation is an exhibition of various artists’ responses to the subject of aloneness and an exploration of cultural representations of solitude. The work of artists at varying stages in their careers will be shown alongside contextualising objects and ephemera from the curator’s research into the theme.  See more on the exhibition here.

Available as Film Only or with MUSEUM EVENT.
Ticket for Museum Event, film and Glass of Wine – £15.
Film only Ticket – Standard Pricing.

The museum event will start at 7pm at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery with a curated talk and glass of wine. The film screening will start at 8.30pm. Please buy a ticket that includes ‘MUSEUM EVENT’ if you wish to attend the Museum talk.

Talk:  Mary Wild is a film researcher with a background in psycoanalytic theory, she’ll be focusing on David Bowie, his creative methods and his relationship with solitude.

Film: David Bowie stars as a humanoid alien who comes alone to earth to retrieve water for his dying planet. Nic Roegs classic film covers the theme of isolation with a stunning stark performance by David Bowie.

BBFC Insight.
Contains:- strong sex, nudity

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Directed by
Nic Roeg
Cast members
David Bowie
Running time
156 minutes


Production times and Book tickets

26 Jun 2017