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The Wicker Man (15)

Spotlight On… Presents a British cult horror classic.
We are proud to present Spotlight On… Our team of young film enthusiasts who love cinema so much, they’re volunteering to put on events just for you! Spotlight On… is all about giving fellow film-lovers an experience unlike any other. Much more than ‘just a movie’, our eclectic team of event planners and creatives are designing games, quirky sets, bespoke drinks, quizzes, fancy dress situations and opportunities to win free tickets to bring more value to your film-going exploits.
Under 25? Reduced prices are available for those with ID!

Young Rowan Morrison has disappeared on the shores of Summerisle, a mysterious floral land of oddly-dressed citizens and strange rituals! A Police Sergeant is sent to the Scottish island village in search of the missing girl who the townsfolk claim never existed. Robin Hardy’s watershed 1973 classic is a masterpiece of folk horror whose influence can still be felt today in films such as Midsommar.

BBFC Insight: Contains strong violence, moderate horror, sex, nudity and one use of strong language
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