Doye Mosse Productions

The Odds of Being Earnest 09/08/2019

A witty new play inspired by what happens after the curtain falls on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST
A chance meeting between Lady Bracknell and Reverend Chasuble, 20 years later, on the terrace at Monte Carlo .
The Odds of Being Earnest is a charming play about chance, the roulette wheel of life … and what happens after the curtain falls on The Importance of Being Earnest. It answers the questions: Was Bracknell right to prize money above love? Was Chasuble right to reject celibacy and marry Prism? Did Jack and Gwendolen stay in Shropshire? Was it likely that Algernon would make Cecily happy?

Over one scandalous summer holiday in Worthing in 1894, Oscar Wilde wrote The Importance of Being Earnest, creating a set of convincing characters, caught up in a brilliant farce that he called ‘a trivial comedy for serious people’. Because the characters are so convincing, we wonder what happens next, whether they will be happy and fulfilled or disappointed and heartbroken. We also want to know how their relationships evolve in the years to come – whether they stay friends, whether they still know one another at all.

The show will be followed by a lively and entertaining post show discussion with acclaimed Sussex writer Greg Mosse.

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