Musical Season

The Muppet Movie (U)

Our apologies for this cancellation. We are absolutely gutted. We are hoping to reschedule in the New Year. If you have purchased tickets, someone from Box Office will be in touch shortly to arrange a refund.

While living the quiet life in a swamp, Kermit the Frog is approached by a Hollywood agent to audition for the chance of a lifetime. So Kermit takes this chance for his big break as he makes the journey to Hollywood. Along the way, Kermit comes across several quirky new friends including comedic Fozzie Bear, beautiful but feisty Miss Piggy, and the Great Gonzo. But Kermit must also watch out for ruthless Doc Hopper, who plans to use him as his spokesman for his frog legs food chain.

Featuring cameos by Mel Brooks, Bob Hope, James Coburn among many, as well as classic songs by Paul Williams including ‘Rainbow Connection’. ‘Movin’ Right Along’, ‘America’ and more.

This film is the STAFF CHOICE of our cinema technician Simon Parker.

BBFC Insight: Contains no sex, violence or bad language
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