The Enormous Turnip

Living in their tiny shed amongst the garden tools, Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s prize-winning vegetables have taken over everything! But no one knew that a vegetable could grow bigger than the cat, bigger than the dog, bigger than you and me put together! It’s gigantic and it’s still growing!

“Help us pull The Enormous Turnip out of the ground before it takes over the planet!”

Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company return with unswerving energy, live music and eccentric puppetry in this re-potted version of the famous children’s story.

“Puppetry, live music and good old-fashioned charm sprout up left, right and centre”
The Stage

Make Your Day Even Bigger With Our Free Workshop
Led by local artist Anna Twinam-Couchi and our Audience Engagement Officer Alice Hiller, this workshop is sure to be enormous fun, full of craft and colour as we make our very own enormous vegetable!

Book your place on one of the free workshops:
Workshop 1: 11am – 12.55pm
Workshop 2: 1pm – 2.55pm

Simply call Box Office on 01903 206 206 to book your place
Please note that guardians are required to accompany and remain with their child for the duration of the workshop and must present their show tickets upon arrival. Food and drink are not to be consumed during the event. Please note that the workshop will be taking place on the first floor. There will be wheelchair access, and the wheelchair accessible toilets are in the Connaught via the lift. Please speak to the Duty Manager on arrival if you require assistance.

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