The Case of The Frightened Lady

When Inspector Tanner is called in to investigate a ruthless murder at Mark’s Priory, the grand ancestral home of the Lebanon family, he quickly discovers that nothing is quite as it seems. The household is controlled by the family physician, the footmen behave more like guests than servants and the secretary Isla is afraid for her life. As Tanner moves closer to the heart of the mystery he uncovers a shocking and closely guarded secret…

Building on the phenomenal decade long success of The Agatha Christie Company, which sold over two million tickets around the UK, comes a new thrilling chapter. Following this year’s acclaimed production of Ruth Rendell’s A Judgement in Stone, the Classic Thriller Company returns with a brand new adaption from the legendary “King of the detective thriller”, Edgar Wallace – the brains behind one of the most iconic films of all time, King Kong.

Widely recognised as the most popular writer of the early 20th century, Edgar Wallace’s gripping page-turners are regarded as the bedrock of the modern thriller and The Case of the Frightened Lady remains one of his most celebrated works. Adapted for film several times, this is your chance to catch this chilling, captivating and complex thriller live on stage…

Lady Lebanon – Deborah Grant (Not Going Out and Bergerac)
Dr Amersham – Robert Duncan (Drop the Dead Donkey)
Kelver – Philip Lowrie (Denis Tanner in Coronation Street)
Isla – Scarlett Archer (Emmerdale)
Lord Lebanon – Matt Barber (Downton Abbey)
Chief Superintendent Tanner – John Partridge (Eastenders)

“The best Murder Mystery I have seen since The Mousetrap!…you will not be disappointed”

“A masterpiece of chilling stage noir…not to be missed”
The Royal Borough Observer

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