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A reflection on the powerful feminine symbol of Medusa, the myth and its various connotations in our contemporary life.

Created on the coast of Barcelona and inspired by its marine life, Jasmin Vardimon presents her new work Medusa.  Celebrating 20 years of the Jasmin Vardimon Company and one of the world’s leading female choreographers, this piece examines the gendered historical significance of Medusa; the myth, the symbolism and the philosophical idea of ‘reflection’.

This new full-length production not only looks back to deconstruct the myth but will also look forward and explore her aquatic symbolism in the environmental future of our seas.

For this epic theatrical piece Vardimon brings together the artistic team behind her previous creations with a remarkable multi-talented international cast of performers.

“Another unforgettable, highly entertaining masterpiece”
Broadway World

“Entertaining and chill-inducing “
London City Nights

Everything Theatre

1. Zoology: a saucer-shaped or dome-shaped, free-swimming jellyfish or hydra.
2. Greek Mythology: the only mortal gorgon, who was decapitated by Perseus
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