Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors

We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!

So it’s time to prepare yourselves for two amazing shows with Horrible Histories live on stage! Using actors and ground-breaking 3D special effects, these two astounding shows are guaranteed to thrill you and your children. Historical figures and events will come alive on stage and hover at your fingertips!


From the horrible Henries to the end of evil Elizabeth, hear the legends (and the lies!) about the torturing Tudors. Find out the fate of Henry’s headless wives and his punch up with the Pope. Meet Bloody Mary and see Ed fall dead in his bed. Survive the Spanish Armada as it sails into the audience!


Did you know that we have two great shows from HORRIBLE HISTORIES over one weekend!

You can also see Awful Egyptians with the fascinating Pharaohs and mean mummies! Discounted tickets when you buy for both shows. Just £27.50 for both or £106 for a family ticket for both shows. Click HERE for more info on Awful Egyptians. Discount will be automatically applied when you get to checkout with tickets for both shows in your basket.

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