Spotlight On...

Gremlins (12A)

Spotlight On.. Presents this mischevious Christmas classic.
They’re cute, cuddly and make a wonderful Christmas present. But you must follow these rules; don’t expose them to sunlight, don’t get them wet, and whatever you do… don’t feed them after midnight. Witness Joe Dante’s cult fusion of festive romance and horror thrills, with an interactive bar environment and a specialised drinks menu.

Meet the Spotlight team! We are an eclectic crew of volunteer planners and creatives working on film screenings that go above and beyond your average cinema trips. Spotlight On… is all about giving fellow film-lovers an experience unlike any other. Much more than ‘just a movie’, we are a team of event planners and creatives, designing games, quirky sets, bespoke drinks, quizzes, fancy dress situations and opportunities to win free tickets to bring more value to your film-going exploits.

We will also be screening ‘Tis the Season’ a festive short film directed by one of the Spotlight On.. group members – Kayleigh Sparks. Widower, Julie has not put up a Christmas tree in 15 years, unlike Jamie her next-door neighbour, with his inflatable Santa’s, LED reindeer and thousands of Christmas lights. For her, Tis another Season to be left alone. Stars Sue Jameson.

And it’s Christmas Jumper Day!!!!! So festive wear is actively encouraged.

Under 25? Reduced prices are available for those with ID!

BBFC Insight: moderate violence, fantasy horror
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