Flexibility Taster Session – Adults

Learn some amazing Gymnastic/FlexibilityCircus skills in this workshop for adults aged 17+
No previous flexibility or gymnastic experience required! This is an inclusive workshop and all body types are welcome. This taster session is suitable for total beginners and those who already have a background in flexibility training. The workshop will include a warm up, conditioning exercises, deep stretching, partner work and cool down. We will work on opening up our back and shoulders for back bends and legs for those sought after splits! Carolyn takes a holistic approach to flexibility combing active and passive stretching, PNF techniques, partner stretches and massage techniques with the aim to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in, bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated, a yoga mat (although we will have some spare!) Yoga blocks are not essential, but if you have them then please bring them along! 1 instructor will be present, Carolyn Ailsa, AKA Twisted Nymph.

Please note that a Health & Safety disclaimer must be completed prior to the workshop.
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Image Credit: Kristin Knowlden

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