Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (PG)

Celebrating the best films of 1989! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star in this cult comedy.

Two nearly brain dead teenage boys, going by the names of Bill S, Preston ESQ. and Ted Theodore Logan, have a dream together of starting their own rock and roll band called the “Wyld Stallyns”. Unfortunately, they are still in high school and if they do not pass their upcoming history report, they will be separated as a result of Ted’s father sending him to military school. But, what Bill and Ted do not know is that they must stay together to save the future. So, obviously, both Bill and Ted decided to gather up historical figures in a time machine. They are hoping that this will help them pass their report so they can stay together.

1989 Season
Throughout 2019 we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of some classic films. Follow us on facebook for the latest announcements of these films. Please note that most of these screenings have a fun atmosphere, with the audience often excited to see their favourite moments on screen.

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BBFC Insight: Contains mild language and violence
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