Main image for Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (15)

8:15pm Monday 6th May

Directed bySteve Sullivan

Cast membersFrank Sidebottom, Johnny Vegas, Ross Noble

Running time123 minutes

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (15)

In conjunction with Worthing Film Club…
The life of maverick Manchester comedian Frank Sidebottom and his hidden creator Chris Sievey. Frank, well known for his papier-mâché head, was part of the Manchester music and comedy scene for over 25 years. Working from Sievey’s own exhaustive self-documentation (old cassettes, degraded video) and deftly incorporating interviews with loved ones and admirers (including former band members DJ Mark Radcliffe and Frank’s co-screenwriter Jon Ronson), director Steve Sullivan assembles a compelling portrait of a mercurial, often tortured artist with a chequered private life.

BBFC Insight: strong language
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Mon 6th May 2019