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Robocop (18)


Sci-Fi classic set in Detroit in an indeterminate future. Police Officer Alex Murphy undergoes an operation after being wounded and emerges as ROBOCOP! A cyborg who will protect the public at all costs.

Over the last couple of years we have loved our flashback 1985 & 1986 seasons. It’s great to see some classic’s on the big screen. This year we have decided to spread them out a bit over the course of the year but we are focusing on 1987! Our screenings will be in our lovely new studio, with a bar open throughout the film with some cool extra stuff and food options to match the movie.

Stick around after the movie as we’ll be celebrating some 80’s classics on the big screen with some movie mash-up stuff, our bar will be open as well.
Buy our combo ticket that includes a ‘Detroit ‘Dog’ and a beer – £15.
“Detroit Dog” – Pork Frankfurter served in brioche bun with streaky bacon, coleslaw and BBQ Sauce.
Veggie option available please call box office for details. 

BBFC Insight.
Contains:- All known versions of this work passed uncut.

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Directed by
Paul Verhoeven
Cast members
Pater Weller, Nancy Allen, Ronny Cox
Running time
119 minutes


Production times and Book tickets

31 Mar 2017