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We’re giving away a copy of David Walliams’ The First Hippo on the Moon with an audio-book and a chance for your short story to get published in Here & Now Magazine! Send your 150-200 word short story about a fun character to for a chance to win! Winners chosen on 16th February ahead of the live stage show at the Connaught Theatre.

Our Design Officer Tom loved this story so much, he decided to sketch it by hand with a pencil. He then scanned it into a digital file and filled in the colour through Illustrator.

Our first and very fine entry is from Finley age 6, about a Cheetah named Charlie…
Once upon a time there lived a cheetah called “Charlie” he lived in the forest, it was cold especially his bottom. Charlie had no knickers, they were lost!

One bright summer morning Charlie woke up. He did not want a cold bottom any more because he lived in the grass which was cold.

So Charlie decided to visit his friend Lenny the lion.

Lenny had no sign of Charlie’s knickers.

Just then Kerry the kangaroo bounced along the path. Jerry had a new hat, it was spotty and pink. They looked just like Charlie’s knickers. Charlie asked where he got them from?

Jerry said he got them from the open meadow near hare’s hole.

“That is near where I sleep” said Charlie, “did you get them from beside the burrow” said Charlie? Jerry said “yes”

“They are my pants” said Charlie “they are not a hat!”

The mystery was solved.

Charlie’s bottom was once again warm but Jerry’s head was now cold.

The end! 

 Well done Finley, what an excellent story!

The First Hippo on the Moon is live on stage 17-19 February.